Yeah, it's true...we are going to make a big difference...

Well....not like your AVERAGE "big difference". We aren't slaying dragons, solving world hunger, or saving all the dolphins....

But we DO carry a special bohemian proverb close to our hearts...

"Our world is built on strong women, mothers, and girls...expand their future, support their voices...and the feminine spirit AS WELL as mankind will thrive."

130 million girls are out of school. Malala Fund and Boho Fest are fighting for education for all women. 

It all started with a conversation that most of us have on a daily basis...

"How can we make a difference, when we're just average people? How are we supposed to make an impact..? HOW can we correct this INJUSTICE in the world? We're just two people..."

Then answer struck us when we least expected...

Alone, it's hard to make a difference...but together...our numbers could quickly multiply and expand, offering MASSIVE potential for making a difference in the world.

With the help of social media, our reach could potentially span to MILLIONS of people joining together in harmony.

We proudly set out on a journey to discover amazing artisans who rely on their special craft as an income. These accessory suppliers already spend their time crafting fashion accessories, and sell in their local areas. We commission them and pay them the fee they feel is fair, they create a masterpiece and send it to you, which in turn supports their business! 

Boho Fest believes in empowering the feminine spirit to new heights and breaking past boundaries.

"One-third of girls under age 18 get married, forcing them to drop out of school."

"There are 3.5 million out-of-school children in Afghanistan — 85% are girls."

These are just a few of the unfortunate realities in our world that Boho Fest is fighting to CHANGE!

A generous portion of every order is proudly donated to Girls Supporting Girls and other non-profits, as we all work TOGETHER to empower young women through education opportunities!

How Can YOU Help?

We're glad you asked.  Boho Fest needs inspiring individuals who desire to empower and expand the female spirit...

Love Instagram? Believe that every young girl deserves an education?

Our ambassadors are a core component of what we do at Boho Fest...Will you join us?

Boho Fest is a retail organization, NOT a NON-PROFIT and has no ownership or direct control of non-profit organizations. Boho Fest aims to offer high quality and stylish accessories at an unparalleled level of customer service, while partnering with amazing non-profit organizations that accept donations from Boho Fest. Boho Fest donates 10% of all net profits each quarter to Girls Supporting Girls and other non-profits. There are NO CAPS on the donations collected, and NO reserves. Boho Fest has the ambitious goal of donating $50,000+ to non-profits throughout it's lifetime and there are no caps. Boho Fest does not claim to be, nor does it pretend to be a non-profit organization or charity, but rather a socially conscious business that gives back to important nonprofit initiatives. Thank you.