WILLOW — Vintage Copper Earrings

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Every day, millions of girls face barriers to education caused by poverty, cultural norms and practices, poor infrastructure, violence and fragility. Boho Fest wants to help change that! Every order empowers and expands the feminine spirit to new heights and potential 🧡


Subtle hints of turquoise, sandstone, and red tones throughout this handcrafted set of druzy boho ear rings 🧡 

Choose from a variety of designer styles! From elegant crafted copper swirls, to pressed vintage solar disks...

- Choose YOUR Style! 

>> Every gift from Boho Fest is crafted by international designers who rely on their craft for income. No two items are exactly alike! 🍃🌻
>> Don’t LOVE itNot a problem. Reach out to us and we’ll fix it! Please allow 1-4 weeks for crafting and shipping, thank you for your patience!
>> Boho Fest is a socially conscious company, and we believe in the growth of the feminine spirit. Every order, a generous portion goes to Girls Supporting Girls, a non-profit organization that helps every girl learn and lead without fear, and supports girls education projects around the world. Together, we can END education inequality! 📚🎓
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