Boho Dresses

Every girl deserves equal education! 🧡📚

Every bohemian item, specially created to help give back to powerful initiatives, fighting to help girls get the education they deserve! Cute, comfy, and MEANINGFUL! ✨🎓

MELODY  — Lace Accent Midi Dress Save $10.00
BASICS — Cover Up Lace Dress
TIFFANY Sleeveless Striped Maxi Dress
CREMÉ — Backless Summer Dress Save $17.00
SUNKISS High-Waisted Pleated Skirt Save $17.05
FIONÁ — Classy Boho Backless Dress Save $10.00
DAISY — Floral Print Summer Dress Save $20.00
PHEONIX — Red Polka Dot Two-Piece Save $17.00
BELLÉ — Chic Sleeveless Jumper Dress Save $10.00
HIDDEN OASIS — Two Piece High-Waist Dress Save $20.00
AMELIA — Soft Button Up Summer Dress Save $10.00
MICHONE — White/Black Bohemia Mini-Dress