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The Opening Kickoff

The Opening Kickoff PDF
Author: Dave Revsine
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Size: 18.59 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 320
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The Opening Kickoff Book Description

by Dave Revsine, The Opening Kickoff Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download The Opening Kickoff books, It’s America’s most popular sport, played by thousands, watched by millions, and generating billions in revenues every year. It’s also America’s most controversial sport, haunted by the specter of life-threatening injuries and plagued by scandal, even among its most venerable personalities and institutions. At the college level, we often tie football’s tales of corruption and greed to its current popularity and revenue potential, and we have vague notions of a halcyon time--before the new College Football Playoff, power conferences, and huge TV contracts. Perhaps we conjure images of young Ivy Leaguers playing a gentleman’s game, exemplifying the collegial in collegiate. What we don’t imagine is a game described in 1905, not today, as "a social obsession--this boy-killing, man-mutillating, education-prostituting, gladiatorial sport." In The Opening Kickoff, Dave Revsine tells the riveting story of the formative period of American football (1890-1915). It was a time that saw the game’s meteoric rise, fueled by overflow crowds, breathless newspaper coverage and newfound superstars—including one of the most thrilling and mysterious the sport has ever seen. But it was also a period racked by controversy in academics, recruiting, and physical brutality that, in combination, threatened football’s very existence. A vivid storyteller, Revsine brings it all to life in a captivating narrative.

Dealing With Goliath

Dealing with Goliath PDF
Author: David B. Barton
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Size: 28.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 198
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Dealing With Goliath Book Description

by David B. Barton, Dealing With Goliath Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download Dealing With Goliath books, Referred to as a hero in "one of the most incredible and exciting games in Utah prep history", I lived a ´Cinderella´ type story that emerged from the 1969 Utah State Championship game. Written up in the local paper as "the single, greatest and momentous play in Utah prep football", this game will live forever in the minds of all those who witnessed the spectacle. Inspired by the outcome of that monumental game, Bill Marcroft, a local sportscaster and the play-by-play voice of the University of Utah football program writes, "Several times during the past thirty years, I´ve told the story (of the 1969 State playoff game) on the air whenever a situation looked bleak for one team or another. You play until the final whistle, gun, or buzzer, because on that day long ago, I learned that ´It in´t over till it´s over´!" Many interesting and unique events transpired leading up to the action-packed state game that made this experience even more special. The even ´greater story´ behind this momentous event adds to the magnitude of what had transpired on that November day. Parallels between the ´game of football´ and the ´game of life´ may be the most important and valuable lessons learned from what many may view as ´just a game´. For anyone who has lost hope when life´s challenges made it seem hopeless, this story may inspire you to go on.

Then Ditka Said To Payton

 Then Ditka Said to Payton       PDF
Author: Dan Jiggetts
Publisher: Triumph Books
Size: 71.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 192
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Then Ditka Said To Payton Book Description

by Dan Jiggetts, Then Ditka Said To Payton Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download Then Ditka Said To Payton books, Written for every sports fan who follows the Bears, this account goes behind the scenes to peek into the private world of the players, coaches, and decision makers—all while eavesdropping on their personal conversations. From the Chicago locker room to the sidelines and inside the huddle, the book includes stories about Dick Butkus, Red Grange, George Halas, Walter Payton, and Gale Sayers, among others, allowing readers to relive the highlights and the celebrations.

Dick Enberg

Dick Enberg PDF
Author: Dick Enberg
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
Size: 56.75 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 288
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Dick Enberg Book Description

by Dick Enberg, Dick Enberg Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download Dick Enberg books, The autobiography of America's most recognizable and versatile sportscaster.

Faith In The Game

Faith in the Game PDF
Author: Tom Osborne
Publisher: Harmony
Size: 23.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 172
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Faith In The Game Book Description

by Tom Osborne, Faith In The Game Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download Faith In The Game books, As head coach of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers for twenty-five years, Tom Osborne had one of the most impressive records in college football. Before retiring in 1997, he took his team to a bowl game every year, won three national championships in the last four years he coached, and ended his career boasting an almost unheard of 84 percent winning record. But while these numbers testify to an undeniable accomplishment, it has been another, more powerful force that has shaped Tom's life: his faith. In Faith in the Game, this legendary coach shares the philosophy he used to create not only a champion football team but also a meaningful life. Both a memoir of Osborne's career with the Cornhuskers and an inspirational guide to making the most out of life by cultivating core values like honesty, courage, and loyalty, Faith in the Game presents the traits Osborne helped to instill in his team--traits that helped the Cornhuskers achieve their spectacular level of success. Osborne focuses on the aspects of character that he has emphasized in his work on and off the field, illustrated with compelling behind-the-scenes stories of the Nebraska football team. Conveyed with his own captivating integrity, Osborne's message reveals the value of hard work, the importance of finding a balance between our professional and personal obligations, and, above all, the importance of bringing faith into our lives to help us through times of crisis. Tom Osborne is beloved not only for his outstanding record but also for the commitment and dedication he has always shown to his players and coaching staff as a mentor, coach, and friend. His ability to motivate a team has come not with last-minute pep talks but through a focus on consistency and strength of character. "Winning," as he writes in Faith in the Game, "is a by-product of sound preparation." For those seeking a spiritually centered approach to living and working, this candid account of Tom Osborne's faith and strength is a warm and authentic book from which all of us can learn.

You Re The Ref

You re the Ref PDF
Author: Wayne Stewart
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
Size: 32.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 224
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You Re The Ref Book Description

by Wayne Stewart, You Re The Ref Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download You Re The Ref books, Presents strategic situations in football where the reader is encouraged to determine the legality of each play, from pass interference calls to the rules of fumbles and illegal touching.

Super Football Challenge

Super Football Challenge PDF
Author: Dennis Purdy
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
Size: 30.41 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Reference
Languages : en
Pages : 375
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Super Football Challenge Book Description

by Dennis Purdy, Super Football Challenge Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download Super Football Challenge books, Presents a collection of trivia quizzes focusing on both professional and college football.

Twelve Mighty Orphans

Twelve Mighty Orphans PDF
Author: Jim Dent
Publisher: Macmillan
Size: 17.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 304
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Twelve Mighty Orphans Book Description

by Jim Dent, Twelve Mighty Orphans Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download Twelve Mighty Orphans books, Jim Dent, author of the New York Times bestselling The Junction Boys, returns with his most powerful story of human courage and determination. More than a century ago, a school was constructed in Fort Worth, Texas, for the purpose of housing and educating the orphans of Texas Freemasons. It was a humble project that for years existed quietly on a hillside east of town. Life at the Masonic Home was about to change, though, with the arrival of a lean, bespectacled coach by the name of Rusty Russell. Here was a man who could bring rain in the midst of a drought. Here was a man who, in virtually no time at all, brought the orphans' story into the homes of millions of Americans. In the 1930s and 1940s, there was nothing bigger in Texas high school football than the Masonic Home Mighty Mites—a group of orphans bound together by hardship and death. These youngsters, in spite of being outweighed by at least thirty pounds per man, were the toughest football team around. They began with nothing—not even a football—yet in a few years were playing for the state championship on the highest level of Texas football. This is a winning tribute to a courageous band of underdogs from a time when America desperately needed fresh hope and big dreams. The Mighty Mites remain a notable moment in the long history of American sports. Just as significant is the depth of the inspirational message. This is a profound lesson in fighting back and clinging to faith. The real winners in Texas high school football were not the kids from the biggest schools, or the ones wearing the most expensive uniforms. They were the scrawny kids from a tiny orphanage who wore scarred helmets and faded jerseys that did not match, kids coached by a devoted man who lived on peanuts and drove them around in a smoke-belching old truck. In writing a story of unforgettable characters and great football, Jim Dent has come forward to reclaim his place as one of the top sports authors in America today. A remarkable and inspirational story of an orphanage and the man who created one of the greatest football teams Texas has ever known . . . this is their story—the original Friday Night Lights. "This just might be the best sports book ever written. Jim Dent has crafted a story that will go down as one of the most artistic, one of the most unforgettable, and one of the most inspirational ever. Twelve Mighty Orphans will challenge Hoosiers as the feel-good sports story of our lifetime. Naturally, being from Texas, I am biased. Hooray for the Mighty Mites.'' —Verne Lundquist, CBS Sports "Coach Rusty Russell and the Mighty Mites will steal your heart as they overcome every obstacle imaginable to become a respected football team. Take an orphanage, the Depression, and mix it with Texas high school football, and Jim Dent has authored another winner, this one about the ultimate underdog.'' —Brent Musburger, ABC Sports/ESPN "No state has a roll call of legendary high school football stories like we do in Texas, and, admittedly, some of those stories have been ‘expanded' over the years when it comes to the truth. But let Jim Dent tell you about the Mighty Mites of Masonic Home, the pride of Fort Worth in the dark days of the Depression. Read this book. You will think it's fiction. You will think it's a Hollywood script. But Twelve Mighty Orphans is the truth, and nothing but. It is powerful stuff. Some eighty years later, the Mighty Mites' story remains so sacred, not even a Texan would dare tamper with these facts. And Jim Dent tells it like it was." — Randy Galloway, columnist, Fort-Worth Star Telegram

A Rainy Day Soccer Romance

A Rainy Day Soccer Romance PDF
Author: Del Nett
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Size: 45.20 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 157
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A Rainy Day Soccer Romance Book Description

by Del Nett, A Rainy Day Soccer Romance Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download A Rainy Day Soccer Romance books, “A Rainy Day Soccer Romance” is a warm –hearted comedy about a high school girl’s struggle to compete in a boys soccer league. Besides finding romance, she finds an unsympathetic coach and plenty of male humor. This comic novel explores a sixteen-year-old girl’s first exposure to the male world of soccer and the fast approaching excitement of young womanhood. Stacy, the novel’s heroine, feels her skills and soccer successes entitle her to play soccer with the boys. When the Rebels best player, Brad, decides his coach’s treatment of her is unfair, he volunteers to teach her some of his own soccer moves. Shortly, these lessons turn into a budding romance. Since this is Stacy’s first, she is naturally excited and a bit overwhelmed- much like she feels about playing in the boys soccer league. A great help to her are her teammates, the Rebels, a verbal bunch full of jokes and playful humor. “A Rainy Day Soccer Romance” is a comic novel of youth growing up in a world of divorces and frustrated coaches and referees. Yet regardless of the difficult times the Rebels face, they always address them with good cheer and raucous humor. Don’t miss all the great moves this novel throws at you –a young romance, exciting soccer and plenty of laughter. “If you like soccer, you’ll love ““A Rainy Day Soccer Romance”. The love story is a comic delight David Witke, former Sports Editor for the Des Moines Register

Life On The Fly

Life on the Fly PDF
Author: John Schreiber
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Size: 13.12 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 279
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Life On The Fly Book Description

by John Schreiber, Life On The Fly Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download Life On The Fly books, Broadcast on the evening news . . . Hillcrest English teacher and former football star was shot in the back while fly-fishing. David Browning leaves behind a wife and two young children. Authorities have ruled it a hunting accident. Matthew Blake has only one purpose left in life: to find who murdered his best friend. At the time of his death, David Browning had a loving family and successful career. What does Matthew Blake have? Nothing. Matt Blake is an ex-athlete, ex-husband, and ex-angler . . . a guilt-driven alcoholic and professional failure. To uncover the murderer, Blake must journey back to his hometown, Hillcrest, where he will be forced to face his past, make new enemies, and learn the meaning of love . . . if he can live long enough. Life on the Fly is another suspenseful, poignant, and compelling novel set in Schreibers richly imagined Ironwood County. The first novel in the Ironwood County series is the young adult novel, Hillcrest Journal. The second is the adult novel Passing Through Paradise. * * * What others are saying about the Ironwood County novels: Skillfully told . . . very realistic. West Concord Enterprise Tough to put down. The themes are masterfully interwoven. Byron Review * * * Helpful Link: Schreiber has posted some of his published articles, essays, and poems along with book group discussion questions for Life on the Fly at John Schreibers Books